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The family feels it is vital to implement the need to highlight the awareness of “Death in police Custody, following contact or after contact” according to the Justice 4 kingsley Burrell campaign by telling this story.

According to Inquest Charity Organization statistic stated since 1990, there have been 1433 death in custody or following police contact. However, not a single police officer has been successfully prosecuted for these deaths. Although, a number of unlawful killing verdicts has been delivered by juries at inquest hearing.

On 27th March 2011, Kingsley Burrell age 29, dialed 999 after being threatened by a group of men. While out with is young son age 4, in Icknield Port Road, Birmingham. However, when the police officers arrive and decided to detained Kingsley he was taken to Mary Seacole known as Meadow Croft. In Winson Green Birmingham. Under S2 Mental Health Act where he was detained.
Kingsley was in the care of the mental health crisis team for a period of three day. An altercation occurred of which the staffs decided to call the police. The two officers that came were known previously to have detained kingsley on 27th March 2011, both actually came back on 30th March 2011 and dealt with him heavy handed a long with others.
According to the IPCC report, it stated the officers entered the unit with their teaser guns and claimed that they did not discharge it. He was transferred to Oleaster Hospital while physically retrained with four police officers escorting him in the ambulance without a mental health staff present. Kingsley was heavily sedated by the hospital staff whilst under restraint. He sustained a cut above is eye lid which needed stitches. Throughout his journey he remained under restraint.

On arrival to Oleaster Hospital four officers escorted him to the seclusion room still under restraint with a blanket covering his head. Kingsley was placed into a prone position face down on the ambulance stretcher. The restraint which includes a police banton thrown through out of the room after it was used on Kingsley. Leg restraint and hand cuffs were removed by the officers. However, the hospital blanket was left covering his head. The officers then left the selusion room. This was followed up by the hospital staff entering the room to check on kingsley’s realizing his breathing had deteriorated and raised the alarm.
Despite, kingsley had no history of mental health issues nor his family. The label was applied when he came in contact with west midlands police.
Prior to Kingsley’s death the state kept his body for eighteen months, before the family was able to put him to rest. However, he was buried within one week after releasing the body.
Although, the families and supporters fought for justice these officers appeared in court two different occasions and a disciplinary hearing.

On 7th April 2015, the inquest hearing was held. All three officers PC Fannon, PC Greenfield, PC Shorthouse and PC Adey was referred to the Birmingham Crown Court for dishonesty and integrity regarding their evidence given at the Inquest.

The findings at the inquest hearing was a blanket was left covering Kingsley’s head for a considerable amount of time and all the officers involved denied seeing anything whilst restraining him.

On 11th September 2017

At Birminghm Crown Court, the case was scheduled for six weeks. The trial concluded within three week and the three officers were acquitted by the jury with the direction from the coroner Louise Hunt in Birmingham.

On 21st November 2018

The Misconduct Hearing held at Sutton Coldfield Police Station in Sutton Birmingham.

The family requested a public inquiry to be held regarding the four organisations. Due to failing in their duty of care to Kingsley Burrell and all of them specified below had a duty of care to protect him.

  • Mental health Trust
  • West Midlands Police
  • Queen Elizabeth (QE) Hospital
  • Paramedic Service

Despite an on - going high profile campaign by Kingsley’s family and supporter’s for justice in this case we all feel there has been a miscarriage of justice. To date there has not been any justifiable outcome regarding this case.

NO Justice, NO peace.



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